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Did you know you can have the Maestro make you, your family, or your friends a catered meal?

If you've ever wanted to get a taste of the Maestro's culinary and oenophilic expertise, you're in luck! He can cater a brunch, lunch, or dinner to your specifications. While he specializes in multi-course dinners, the Maestro is very flexible––whether it's a leisurely 12-course dinner or a simple Sunday brunch, he has you covered.

Here are some sample menus:

Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter.

The Maestro is currently based in eastern Iowa, but has a busy travel schedule during which he can often squeeze in an event, and is also willing to travel vast distances to you!

If you're interested, email with the following info:

  • Date, nature, and location of prospective event.

  • Number of people.

  • Desired number of courses.

  • Foods you most enjoy, or any particular things you'd like to see on the menu for your event.

  • Food allergies, aversions, dietary constraints, or anything in particular you would not like to see on the menu. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menus are certainly available.

  • Your beverage preferences; e.g., wine, beer, a certain spirit, non-alcoholic, etc.

There is a $100 "retainer" to start the process, and a $20 hourly fee for the day of the event (at the venue only). Most events take about 2–3 hours. Some events require an assistant, or vice-Maestro (a vaestro, if you will), who will also need to be paid at the $20/hour rate. You'll need to purchase or provide all groceries and beverages; an estimate will be provided before purchase. The Maestro will provide all cookware and dishware, but you'll need to provide flatware.

There are a few rules:

  • The minimum number of guests is 2 and the maximum is 10. Numbers over 10 guests require extra compensation, to be discussed.

  • No buffet-style events, please.

  • Seasonal ingredients are preferred (and make a better meal!). The Maestro may decline to use certain out-of-season ingredients.

  • Produce and proteins must be of high quality; this sometimes requires ordering items online.

  • Meat temperatures are generally not negotiable. Trust the Maestro.

Email with questions!



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